Southern Piling Co. Inc, – in its 59th year.                PRODUCERS AND WHOLESALERS

A FOREST PRODUCTS COMPANY, established in 1955 by marketing guru , C.E. (Gene) Parnell Jr., manufacturing / producing piling and poles from our southern forests here in southwest Alabama- the heart of the Southern Yellow Pine growing region.  By the early 1970’s, Parnell , with peeling operations in a tri-state area had grown the company into a major supplier of untreated SYP poles serving domestic wood treating plants as well as Canadian based wood preserving operations.

Today, at the helm of the company is Rick Crow, pictured elsewhere on this webpage, began with the company in 1973 as a timber cruiser and marker but was forced in from the woods in 1979 at the untimely death of Parnell, to assume managing operations of the company.  Rick was born into the timber business as the son of an Alabama timberman / pulpwood dealer.  Therefore he has an inherent love for the woods, the outdoors and for running this business.  With B.S. degrees in Business and Forestry from Auburn University, Rick set out to diversify the company to market not only untreated products but pressure treated poles, piling and timbers also.

Being a supplier of wood to treating plants allows Southern Piling inroads to treating services in relationships of reciprocity which enables it the flexibility of offering products of most any of the modern day treatments including CCA, Penta, MCA, and even the old standby-  Creosote.

Today, our customers include wood treating plants throughout the eastern half of the U.S., electric utilities, municipalities, governmental agencies, pole line builders, pile drivers, bridge builders, home builders, lumber dealers and brokers and just about anyone with an occasional or recurring need of a QUALITY wood product.

Rick, now with 33 years of experience bringing quality wood products from the stump to you, enjoys the challenge of a difficult to produce order.  He awaits the opportunity to personally respond to your needs. . . .whatever they are;  chances are, we have the connections and the wherewithall to fill your order.


Rick Crow
President/Sales Manager





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